Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lay it out...

 It's been a busy week. I had a two day stint in SF for work - It was my first trip ever to CA. The weather was perfect! The old trolley cars were so cool!
Our contractor opened up our kitchen floor to start working on the plumbing and gas..

 He also taped out the layout for the new closet! It's nice to see how the space will come together!

When I got back to NY, it was really cold. So cold that on Saturday it snowed! We went to this cool place in Ft. Greene called "Eddie's" to get a 5 panel door for the bathroom and for the new closet. We found at least one door that worked!
 The snow in October was pretty crazy!
 Hudson checked out our new stove  - I think he likes it!
 And the tub looks to be just his size!
It is so exciting to see everything start coming together!

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