Wednesday, October 26, 2011

moving in some weight...

So Monday night, Dave and I took in the task to move in the tile for the bathroom and kitchen as well as for the dishwasher and the new ladder for the attic.

We've never really thought of products in terms of weight - until we had to move it up 4 flights of stairs. Let me break it down for you:

Bathroom wall/tub tile = 360 lbs
Bathroom floor tile = 120 lbs
Kitchen flooring = 132 lbs (including adhesive)
Dishwasher = 70 lbs
Attic Ladder = 58 lbs
Bathroom Mirror =32 lbs
Bathroom light = 10 lbs
Toilet = 68 lbs

That's a lot of weight (approaching a half ton). My arms and legs are pretty tired. On a more exciting note, the contractor continued demo, taking out the nib wall for the kitchen to expand!

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