Monday, November 19, 2012

happy birthday, hudson!

Can you believe Hudson is two? We spent a couple nights blowing up balloons and storing them upstairs. After Hudson woke up from his nap on Saturday, we started to bring them down. It was like Christmas.

 Such a handsome boy!
 Waiting for Bryden and Emma to arrive...Where are they?
 Bryden came and they got right down to business...playing with toys.
 Emma showed up shortly after and Hudson decided to open presents!
 The kids' favorite part was the cupcake-in-a-ice-cream-cone. Easy to make and quite the hit.
 More cars from Bryden!! And this one goes after you shake it and put in on the ground..
 Bryden hanging out with Thomas sipping some coconut water...
 Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!! Happy birthday dear Hudson, happy birthday to you!
 And many more!


Have you ever noticed that trying to get three toddlers to look at the camera at the same time is like herding cats? No? It's just me?

 Hudson & Daddy...
 Play doh time!
 Three toddlers in the same frame..
 Bryden has something important to say!

 One last bite of cake before everyone leaves!
 And finally deflating all the balloons. Almost as much fun as playing with them...
Happy Birthday Sweet Boy. We love you now and always.

boxes are fun...

So we made Hudson's birthday last as long as possible - starting with the boxes. Hours of fun pretending its a car. No real presents opened during this experiment...

sister getaway

I have the best husband ever. Seriously. He let me encouraged me to leave to have some much needed R&R in Colorado with my sisters and we had a great time. I had (and still have) pangs of guilt - leaving my city with Sandy's wounds very open and fresh (Dave biked into work while I was gone). But I am ever so thankful for having such an easy travel experience and 4 days with my sisters.

We drove up to Snowshoe to hang out at the condo, have good food and do a puzzle (yes, I know our OCD is showing...) I also got to nap. A lot. It was heaven.
and of course there are the sister shenanigans...

It was so sweet to get together and to be away from husbands and kids and work for a while. We had not taken that opportunity in years. I'm hoping that it doesn't take us that long again... Although with me having two kids under three, it may be asking too much of Dave.
It was a beautiful flight back to the city. A picture of Red Hook below...There was 6'-0" of water in our favorite grocery store, Fairway, which is still closed.
And a picture of the bridges. They were open, but still had the 3 person restriction on them. Our friends B&M were able to get to the hospital to have their baby as their little EB, yet to be born, was counted as the third...

There are still a lot of hurting families out there. Such amazing generosity as well. Please keep this city in your prayers. I know that she will be never be the same again, but hopefully the better for it.