Monday, November 19, 2012

happy birthday, hudson!

Can you believe Hudson is two? We spent a couple nights blowing up balloons and storing them upstairs. After Hudson woke up from his nap on Saturday, we started to bring them down. It was like Christmas.

 Such a handsome boy!
 Waiting for Bryden and Emma to arrive...Where are they?
 Bryden came and they got right down to business...playing with toys.
 Emma showed up shortly after and Hudson decided to open presents!
 The kids' favorite part was the cupcake-in-a-ice-cream-cone. Easy to make and quite the hit.
 More cars from Bryden!! And this one goes after you shake it and put in on the ground..
 Bryden hanging out with Thomas sipping some coconut water...
 Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!! Happy birthday dear Hudson, happy birthday to you!
 And many more!


Have you ever noticed that trying to get three toddlers to look at the camera at the same time is like herding cats? No? It's just me?

 Hudson & Daddy...
 Play doh time!
 Three toddlers in the same frame..
 Bryden has something important to say!

 One last bite of cake before everyone leaves!
 And finally deflating all the balloons. Almost as much fun as playing with them...
Happy Birthday Sweet Boy. We love you now and always.

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