Friday, September 7, 2012

room enough for two?

kids' room
The room we have is small - 7' x 14'. Just wide enough to fit a twin bed. Above is my first attempt using polyvore to do an image board. It was actually super fun. I found out how on house*tweaking's blog. Actually it was really simple. Below is the details of what we think we are going to do....most of the stuff we already have. Just really trying for it not to look like Christmas with the red and green!

1. West Elm herringbone Jute & Chenille rug - it is super soft (surprisingly!) and really pretty in person.
2. Ikea fabric for an accent pillow (this one is still up in the air - our Ikea didn't have it)
3. Ikea Kritter table and Mammut chairs with Ribba picture shelves above (to use for books)
4. Ikea Expedit 2x2 shelves - hope to wall mount 2 of these for storage
5. Alma mini crib - we got this with sheets, mattress and mattress cover for a steal on craigslist.
6. Ikea Brekke bed. It's about two to three years old. Again another craigslist find.
7. Ikea white bedding and grey sheet.

I know my mother is thinking...'Grey?!? for a kids room?!?' What you are missing is all the artwork and the color from the toys. We are trying to think longer term - the brighter colored pieces are more for the short term.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

''s all happening at the zoo...'

 '...I do believe it, I do believe it's true...whoo hoo oo...' We had a fun morning at the zoo with Grandpa. We got to see everything from ostriches to dancing and talking parrots
 To a a chimp up close and personal!
 Hudson followed the peacock for a while..
 and we saw some kangaroos (very cool!)
 And a tortise...
 We stood on an elephant (a concrete replica)
 and played with Hudson's favorite thing - the water fountain.
 We also stood on a concrete turtle - Hudson actually looked up for this shot..
 We saw a big alligator..
 ...and barbarry monkeys that were about to get fed.
 by the end, the peacock was following Hudson!
After a nap, we went swimming with Grandpa & Grandma! Hudson is such a water baby!

 Hudson liked it when daddy goes under water and blows bubbles!!
 We had pizza for dinner which was really yummy! Thanks, Grandpa & Grandma!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

vegas, baby!

We survived the five and a half hour flight. Actually Hudson did pretty well - he didn't really make much noise till we had landed and were waiting on the tarmac. Then he was *ALL DONE!!!* as everyone on the plane was now aware. We took a short nap at the hotel and then headed over to Grandma & Grandpa's house

 Hudson and Grandpa had fun playing together...
 Then we went for a short walk to go feed the ducks!
 Hudson thought they were funny...

 ... until one duck nipped him...
 He was was more surprised than anything else..

The next morning we headed over to Grandma & Grandpa's  to play in the pool. That was so much fun!
 Hudson loved playing catch with grandpa...

 Hudson is such a water baby. Just like his daddy. And his Grandpa!

weekend getaway

Last weekend we rented a house with our friends Nick, Holly and Jennifer. Nick and Holly brought their beautiful vizsla, Lucy - she and Hudson loved each other. It was a symbiotic relationship - Hudson  dropped the proper amount of food and Lucy acted properly as a canine vacuum.
 She also stole a couple of kisses...

 The house was perfect for Hudson - he slept in a big boy bed (twin) really well (didn't climb out at night) and he got to play on the swing set and with lots of fun boy toys (back-hoes and trains and diggers, oh my!).
 Hudson loved chasing Lucy. I think Lucy loved it too...

 Yes, I am probably as tired as I look in this photo...

 Lucy is waiting for Hudson to drop the biscuit...
 A good portion of the weekend was spent working on a jigsaw puzzle - very relaxing! 
 View from the porch - a pretty sunrise.
 And there was a surprise out side...wild turkeys!

A well needed restful weekend. We hope to do this again soon!