Thursday, July 19, 2012


We took Hudson to Robert Moses beach two weekends ago. It was the first time for us to try out this beach. About an hour by car, it was an easy drive and the beach was much less crowded than Jones has been the past couple years. Hudson is waving at the waves:

 The beach combines two of Hudson's favorite things: sand and water.

 He pretty much had a perma-smile on his face the entire time - He loved the water! It was chilly, but it felt really refreshing.

 And then there was a giant sand box to play in which was also super fun.
 It is super fun to sprinkle sand on one's feet. This takes a lot of concentration:

Such a happy baby.

It was a perfect spontaneous getaway. A nice break to all the work Dave and I have been tackling. We're planning another rendezvous with the sea this weekend. I can't wait!

camp crashing

So my dad turned the big 7-0 this year (seems like yesterday I was sitting in his lap singing happy 45th birthday to him) and our present to him was to take part in the pre-OmaOpa camp shenanigans. Our entire immediate family was there which adds up to 20(!). My parents run a camp for the oldest grandkids (you must be 5 and potty-trained to attend) for a week. This year's theme was 'the Amazing Race' so the kids had many challenges to face. The oldest two even got to *drive* with Opa towards the end of the camp. I can't believe I have a niece and nephew old enough to drive.

Hudson loved meeting his closest cousin A~ and they had fun playing next to one another mostly A~ is 7 months Hudson's senior...which isn't all that much unless you are 19 months and 26 months. A~ can speak in sentences. Hudson can intonate as if he is speaking in sentences although he does not use real words. A~ is potty-trained. Hudson is still in diapers. Two years from now, 7 months won't seem that big of a difference. Right now it's like light years :).

At all OmaOpa camps, there is the line-up of all the grand kids. Yes that is my kid running towards the adults trying to keep the youngest two smiling...

It was a fun time to see everyone. Hudson was a little sick and not the easiest on the plane (cars are still more fun when you are pointing at them from the side walk rather than riding in them), but it was a good time by all!