Friday, June 28, 2013

cute baby

Sterling is growing like a weed! We have an action packed weekend...just wanted to post some photos of him this week. The little rascal is flipping front to back, back to front and can "spin" on his belly 180 degrees. He is also starting to get on all fours but with his head down (he can't sit yet without support). He is a laid back smiley kid.... With giant feet!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

day off

Violet has vacation off this week so Dave and I are splitting the child care duties. I had the beginning of the week and Hudson and Sterling and I have had a grand time. 

Today we met friends at Pier 6 in Brooklyn which has a ton of fun playgrounds and a cool water feature. The drive there was long due to some crazy traffic and road closures, but once we got there we had tons of fun! Hudson loves jumping in and playing with the big kids.

Climbing on the spider web! 

Checking out the view!
We had Italian ice and pizza for lunch. Sterling looked on longingly. He loves to eat!

Monday, June 17, 2013

experiments and improvements

The new job has been a great change of pace. I've had enough time to do bean experiments with Hudson. We sprouted black beans  and even have a bean box that Hudson loves pouring and funneling the beans. A good 30 minutes of quiet time = priceless. 

Also we decided to finally add a garbage disposal. We had kept the outlet below the sink from the renovation so it was a pretty easy add on. We got a batch feed unit on super sale from amazon so we don't have to have a wall switch. It is also safer as no fingers or utensils can go in while it is running. The stopper turns it off and on.

Also as our water pressure on the 4th floor isn't amazing, our kitchen faucet wouldn't switch from spray to regular easily. Consequently we always had water running down around the faucet leaking into the cabinet below. We ended up finding the Delta faucet on amazon warehouse for more than 60% off because the box was open. It also has touch on and off which is super cool and convenient. Dave says he feels like an adult now ;).