Friday, August 31, 2012


Doesn't that make you think of the dog from 'UP'?  I used to think squirrels were kind of cute. That was until they did this to my home:

Yes, that is a 4" x 2" hole in my front wall. I am not a happy camper. Did you know it is illegal to kill squirrels in NY? They are considered 'wildlife'. When the 'wildlife' crosses the line and enters my home, I now consider it a trespasser, and not a harmless one. Check out what they've done to the inside of our wall:

Chew marks on the joists - that wall is white because they are making their way through the 5/8" thick drywall. And that grey 'round' thing in the back that you see is NOT a bucket. It is a fluffy squirrel tail. The gutter pulled away and then those little rascals found their way in. I found this picture on this website aptly named the 'Shooter's Log.'

They describe the squirrel meat as being darker and tastier than chicken. I would be happy to have them come and shoot my squirrels!! I am hearing them scratching even as I write this. and this is AFTER we had the guy come and seal the cornice from the outside. Outside is where it all started...

I really just want it to end!! Will keep you posted as to the progress! The gloves are off!!

new addition

We've been talking about it for a while. It's one of the reasons that Dave likes the apartment so much - we have the option to build up. There's room for a stair in the apartment and it would be *so* nice to have a getaway just steps away. The angled roof on the stair hutch is a necessary evil to meet those pesky landmark requirements. It will be nice to have a kid friendly deck....

...One day....

But for now, we're adding to our family (really? did you think I was crazy enough to take on another at home construction project?). Oops - did you miss that?
 We're having a B A B Y !  
I'm due on my birthday 1.13.13 which happens to fall on a Sunday - the day of the week I was born as well - not that this little one will choose to be on time. Let's look back to older brother Hudson who showed up 2 full weeks late!

But we are thrilled. More thrilled than if we were building a deck on our roof. How am I feeling? The first 12-14 weeks were a blur of exhaustion. Now at almost 21 weeks, I'm feeling better and I'm feeling the baby kicks and turns. I think Hudson will make a great older brother...although it's going to be an adjustment!