Friday, August 31, 2012


Doesn't that make you think of the dog from 'UP'?  I used to think squirrels were kind of cute. That was until they did this to my home:

Yes, that is a 4" x 2" hole in my front wall. I am not a happy camper. Did you know it is illegal to kill squirrels in NY? They are considered 'wildlife'. When the 'wildlife' crosses the line and enters my home, I now consider it a trespasser, and not a harmless one. Check out what they've done to the inside of our wall:

Chew marks on the joists - that wall is white because they are making their way through the 5/8" thick drywall. And that grey 'round' thing in the back that you see is NOT a bucket. It is a fluffy squirrel tail. The gutter pulled away and then those little rascals found their way in. I found this picture on this website aptly named the 'Shooter's Log.'

They describe the squirrel meat as being darker and tastier than chicken. I would be happy to have them come and shoot my squirrels!! I am hearing them scratching even as I write this. and this is AFTER we had the guy come and seal the cornice from the outside. Outside is where it all started...

I really just want it to end!! Will keep you posted as to the progress! The gloves are off!!


  1. Is the exterminator coming back to finish the job?


  2. If they do that to my home, I'd be very glad to make those pests shooting targets at my indoor gun range ga. Good luck to you in exterminating them!