Wednesday, September 5, 2012

weekend getaway

Last weekend we rented a house with our friends Nick, Holly and Jennifer. Nick and Holly brought their beautiful vizsla, Lucy - she and Hudson loved each other. It was a symbiotic relationship - Hudson  dropped the proper amount of food and Lucy acted properly as a canine vacuum.
 She also stole a couple of kisses...

 The house was perfect for Hudson - he slept in a big boy bed (twin) really well (didn't climb out at night) and he got to play on the swing set and with lots of fun boy toys (back-hoes and trains and diggers, oh my!).
 Hudson loved chasing Lucy. I think Lucy loved it too...

 Yes, I am probably as tired as I look in this photo...

 Lucy is waiting for Hudson to drop the biscuit...
 A good portion of the weekend was spent working on a jigsaw puzzle - very relaxing! 
 View from the porch - a pretty sunrise.
 And there was a surprise out side...wild turkeys!

A well needed restful weekend. We hope to do this again soon!

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