Thursday, September 6, 2012

''s all happening at the zoo...'

 '...I do believe it, I do believe it's true...whoo hoo oo...' We had a fun morning at the zoo with Grandpa. We got to see everything from ostriches to dancing and talking parrots
 To a a chimp up close and personal!
 Hudson followed the peacock for a while..
 and we saw some kangaroos (very cool!)
 And a tortise...
 We stood on an elephant (a concrete replica)
 and played with Hudson's favorite thing - the water fountain.
 We also stood on a concrete turtle - Hudson actually looked up for this shot..
 We saw a big alligator..
 ...and barbarry monkeys that were about to get fed.
 by the end, the peacock was following Hudson!
After a nap, we went swimming with Grandpa & Grandma! Hudson is such a water baby!

 Hudson liked it when daddy goes under water and blows bubbles!!
 We had pizza for dinner which was really yummy! Thanks, Grandpa & Grandma!

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