Friday, September 7, 2012

room enough for two?

kids' room
The room we have is small - 7' x 14'. Just wide enough to fit a twin bed. Above is my first attempt using polyvore to do an image board. It was actually super fun. I found out how on house*tweaking's blog. Actually it was really simple. Below is the details of what we think we are going to do....most of the stuff we already have. Just really trying for it not to look like Christmas with the red and green!

1. West Elm herringbone Jute & Chenille rug - it is super soft (surprisingly!) and really pretty in person.
2. Ikea fabric for an accent pillow (this one is still up in the air - our Ikea didn't have it)
3. Ikea Kritter table and Mammut chairs with Ribba picture shelves above (to use for books)
4. Ikea Expedit 2x2 shelves - hope to wall mount 2 of these for storage
5. Alma mini crib - we got this with sheets, mattress and mattress cover for a steal on craigslist.
6. Ikea Brekke bed. It's about two to three years old. Again another craigslist find.
7. Ikea white bedding and grey sheet.

I know my mother is thinking...'Grey?!? for a kids room?!?' What you are missing is all the artwork and the color from the toys. We are trying to think longer term - the brighter colored pieces are more for the short term.

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  1. Did you get rid of Hudson's crib? This baby may be long like Hudson. I really wasn't wondering about the grey. You have it all through the house. You and Dave do a good job of bringing everything together.