Monday, November 19, 2012

big boy bed

So about 6 weeks ago we went from this...

To a big boy bed. We found the perfect Ikea twin bed on craigslist that Dave and a friend went to pick up on the UES. It was perfect because it has huge storage drawers underneath! It is low enough that Hudson can easily climb in and out. So one Saturday afternoon we set about making the switch.

Hudson was pretty chill about the whole thing. We had to take the door off to get the rocking chair out, which involved tools which makes every job more exciting. While I was vacuuming the rug to be put in long term storage (aka the attic), Hudson was up to some antics..

 'I stuck! Mommy, Daddy, help!' Yes, that is our son who crawled under a stool in search of a toy an he got stuck. Meanwhile, back in the room we rolled out the new rug! A pretty mix of jute and chenille in a chevron pattern:
 Hudson decided help by throwing the extra wipe packages back into the middle of the room.
 Such a pretty texture- I love that the jute has a strie effect and the dark grey grounds it. Looks so good and feels softer than I expected.
 Hudson of course had to help Daddy by handing him tools while he assembled the bed - the best news is that it fit (about 3/8" to kidding. It's a narrow room)...
 Where's Hudson?
 There he is! Yes, my sone has more toys than bedding in his bed.
So the big boy bed honeymoon lasted about two weeks until Hudson figured out he could climb out of bed and open his bedroom door. Ah, the ever expanding skill sets of a nearly two year old. A week of mornings of 'Mommy, Daddy, I open the door!' at 3 and 4 am and evenings putting him back in bed every 5 to 10 minutes over an hour we knew we had to take action. In comes two invaluable tools that provide parents with restful nights once again:

1. door knob covers:
2. bed rail:
The rail just added another physical barrier that keeps his toys in and helps him feel a little more like his old crib. The door knob cover prevents him from opening his door and our door and waking us up before we are ready. After a little bit of crying the first night, we now have our good night sleeper back!

I know I owe you *final* shots of the room, but it is still a work in progress (aka - not done). I need to properly hang the pictures and put up some picture rails for his books. It just has been a little too busy to focus on that now. Hopefully over some of the holiday breaks we'll have updates.

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