Monday, October 24, 2011

squeezing the appliances in!

So, Dave had wanted this LG fridge - ("At 31cf, it's ginormous! We'll never run out of space!"). I was having problems making the floor plan in the kitchen work, so we settled on a counter depth fridge.  Turns out that was the best decision ever, as we would have had to re-sell the LG if we had gotten it - it wouldn't have made it up to our apartment. We found this GE Cafe fridge on CL from the same guy who sold us our washer dryer and haven't looked back. We love it!

When it was delivered Saturday from NJ, the guys had to take off all the doors and drawers to get it through our hallways. And the hallways are a little worse for wear because of it (we will patch after we're done with deliveries), but the delivery guys were amazing - they hoofed the piece up 4 flights and got it into our apartment and re-assembled it. For the record, it weighed a ton (well, literally 395lbs, but that is a lot for two people). We are so glad that it works, because we are not moving it. EVER.

I love that it has an ice-maker (first time for me since I left for college - 13 years ago whoa time flies!) AND an internal water dispenser (no extra thing to clean on the front!). The fridge I had growing up had this feature and I remember loving it as a kid. And lastly, Dave loves the little red's the little things in life.

Things are coming together! We decided to go with a matching stove that we *hopefully will have delivered this coming Saturday from LI. I do not envy those delivery guys either. Size wise we should be fine, but the weight? 245 lbs - a bit less, but I don't think you can take off the doors...

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