Monday, October 24, 2011

demolition surprise!

 So we walked over to the apartment Saturday afternoon to meet the delivery guys for our new refrigerator. We are so excited to no longer have an "apartment-sized" fridge like we've had for the past eight and ten years respectively. Something energy efficient is also a huge bonus. We found the new GE Cafe french door fridge on CL for more than 60% off. As a floor model, it has a dent or two on the side, but no one will be the wiser once it is installed in the kitchen.

We opened the door to a surprise! Our contractor was not supposed to start work till Monday, but his crew started Friday. To our amazement, he had made great progress on the kitchen and bath. Below you see the skyline in the bathroom above the toilet and sink area.
 It's so neat to see the layers of history - see one wall that shows the back of the plaster & laith wall that is our closets on the other side.
 The demo also revealed that the previous work done (18 years ago) was done well. Such a relief, as it is hard to tell with the drywall still up.
 The above view is the kitchen from the future dining area. We are so excited to get a nice sized workable kitchen!
So exciting!! Will keep you posted as the demo continues next week and construction starts! The contractor will have a tape outline for our approval by Wednesday night. Laundry closet here we come!!

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