Thursday, November 17, 2011

putting in the guts

Our contractor has been busy - running all the plumbing and gas line and updating the electrical. This part doesn't look like much, but is so very important to get right! 

We were hoping that he wouldn't have to turn off the gas to the whole building in order to run the new line to our dryer closet. Turned out that the line is not sub-metered; consequently, we had to turn off the whole building. The contractor was very careful to re-light all the pilots in the other apartments and to the boiler. 

When he put in the tub, he set it in cement and filled it with water to make sure it it settled. He also checked all the lines three times before considering closing the walls and the floor. Always better to check twice and close once!
The plumbing, vent and gas line to the new closet - love it!

Also, we got to see what Hudson's subfloor looks like:
I'm now obsessed with painting it white. After seeing this post on, I really love the idea of painted floors. Reminds me of southern porches :).

Beautiful, no? And back to reality...They are doing a lot of patching to our walls and trim in preparation for paint. Still a couple weeks from painting, but it is never to early to start prepping!

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