Monday, November 28, 2011

making a little light..

..Or rather, not so little light. We were inspired by our friend's beautiful lamp that they have installed in their dining room...


They hooked us on these beautiful Lindsay Adelman lights. At $10K + a pop, they really aren't budget friendly for normal people. Not that we're normal, but we definitely have a budget....And the Lindsey Adelman custom lamp doesn't fit in it. 


Neither did this *beautiful* David Weeks lamp that we fell in love with...(why is lighting so darn expensive?)


There is a silver lining. For those who are industrious, you can follow directions on Lindsey Adelman's website and make your own light fixture! As designers, we decided to color outside the lines. We planned out a three arm fixture with nine bulbs total.

 So we laid out the plan and ordered all the parts from Grand We laid out all the parts...Dave had spray painted all the stems flat black and left the socket covers and connectors brass...

It took us about two hours to wire it up and it works!! It is hiding safely in our attic till we can install it in our living and dining area! Can't wait till we get it installed and  adjusted!

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