Monday, November 28, 2011

lots to be thankful for!

 This past week zoomed by! I can't believe how much work got done. It had to, but it feels like tons of progress! They patched the wall where the old kitchen nib wall used to be...
 ...and started to layout the assmbled cabinets. It's really starting to take shape. Our host found this 5 panel door on CL for 20% of the actual value (someone had ordered the wrong size) We snagged it on Tuesday night and dropped it off! Wednesday evening it was installed! It's coming together!
 They also installed the rubber floor in our kitchen - it is hard to tell from this shot, but it looks really good in person. The contractor really liked how easily it went in over his excellent leveling job. He said it "feels so soft" under foot. Should be nice next time I drop a plate!
 And they installed the attic ladder! So much nicer to have a new aluminum latter to get up to our crawl space.
 Work in the bathroom is making progress- the green board and cement backers are going in!
 And one last shot of the kitchen - getting closer! Seeing the fridge and stove in place makes such a difference!

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