Monday, December 19, 2011

whrilwind of a week!

Hudson *loves* music. Almost as much as he loves to dance! Our friend Rebecca gave Hudson 8 classes to a music class just down the street. Violet said that Hudson was the most out going kid in the class!
Each night we made progress on the house - slowly unpacking as the construction started to wrap up. Tuesday night we were able to unwrap/assemble the rest of our living room and dining room furniture. This was good timing as Wednesday evening Oma and Opa came (to the rescue!)! Thursday they spent helping (getting food and cleaning...can't thank you enough!) while the contractor finished up the final painting touch-ups and the punch-list. Friday they came to our Holiday party at work after playing with Hudson most of the day! We stopped by the tree at Rock Center on our way home!
  It was a chilly night!
The rest of the weekend we had fun hanging out, installing light fixtures and settling in (organizing the kitchen cabinets..figuring out the TV). It was a huge help to have them around. They are such hard workers!
 Hudson loved playing with Oma & Opa...

 My parents even helped us get in the Christmas spirit! We got a tree on Sunday afternoon...
It was so tall that Dave had to get a stepladder to put the star on! 
 Tired but happy parents!
 'Thanks, Oma for helping momma and dadda with the house! Now they can play more with me!'
 'Can I touch that camera? It has buttons that look fun to touch!'
We are looking forward to a calmer winter break!

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