Friday, December 2, 2011

painting the brick..and other updates

They primed the brick today in the living room and Hudson's room..It looks sooo good! Love the texture of painted brick!

 Doesn't it brighten Hudson's room?
This weekend we were busy...We installed the corner cabinets and started on the drawers on our kitchen cabinets..
 ...and Dave painted Hudson's floor. His room didn't have the nice parquet floors to stain so we had them sanded and used porch paint on the floor. It actually looks good and makes the room much brighter! Most of it will be covered with our rug anyway...
And speaking of rugs, our new ones for our living area and open hall/office area arrived and are hanging out in our attic. Below is an image of the living room rug and a swatch of the fabric on our sofa. Also shown is the rubber flooring in our kitchen and the dark rug for the hall. All of this on top of dark stained floors to emulate our new flooring (it's pretty darn close). Pretty smart, no?

This time next week, we'll be blogging from our own apartment (that is if we have internet set up by then!

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