Thursday, November 14, 2013

meanwhile, back at the ranch

So a lot was accomplished while we were on vacation and the week following.  The scaffolding went up for the facade work and they started taking off top layer if brownstone before we left. We came back to the grey scratch coat which provides a sound base for the new brownstone. You can see the peel away on the caps of the balustrade. 

Hard to see the work in this photo behind the tree! Cool thing is that we will get a good before and after pic as I have a picture from last winter and the leaves are falling now as they take this scaffolding down today! 
I'm so excited to see the facade sans netting and scaffolding tonight!

We also made a necessary, but perhaps less visible update to the building. We installed a new boiler and new hot water heater. Our old hot water heater was 25+ years old (they typically have a 15 year life span) and was leaking like a sieve. The boiler was 35 years old and it was time. Although these might not be the most attractive photos, they represent heat and hot water, something that I am thankful for daily. 

Peace of mind that neither will break down in the dead of winter = priceless.

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