Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Florida part one

In mid September, we had the pleasure of visiting my Aunt and Uncle in Ponte Vedra-it was so fun!
We flew JetBlue which was so easy. We got breakfast at our favorite Bistro in the terminal and reached out plane just in time (key when traveling with toddlers and infants as the last thing you want to do is sit on the plane longer than you have to).

It was Sterling's first plane ride and he did so well. Hudson did much better than previous flights as he had his own seat. The personal TV for Hudson was great.
The flight was just over two hours and we got to Florida around lunchtime. A passenger mistakenly took our bag (if you saw both bags together, you would laugh), but thankfully realized it and brought it back before we finished renting the car. It was a short drive to the house and Aunt Vicki had an amazing spread of chicken tacos with mango salsa. Delicious! My mom and dad also 
Hudson loved the lizards! He even caught one (with some help from Oma!)!

The beach was amazing. We are used to the chilly waters of Long Island. So much so, that Hudson commented that "we are going to the beach to swim and Sterling will say, 'brrrr!'" Hudson was pleasantly surprised that the water was so warm. It was a beautiful first morning at the beach.

Sterling loved the water and the sand. Hudson had fun building castles, riding the boogie board and jumping in the water.

Back at the ranch. I mean the house...Hudson had fun with some tom-foolery with Opa. Having the extra help on vacation when you have young kids is invaluable. As much as kids are fun and an amazing blessing, they are exhausting :)! It was important to have a 3:1 adult to kid ratio. It was an opportunity to share the joy and the work.

Much more to come...

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