Friday, October 25, 2013

oui, oui mon cheri!

So this summer we had the pleasure of *finally* making it to Governer's Island. It was a free ferry ride and to our delight, there was a French themed fair with antique carnival rides!
We tried to get a photo on the ferry, but with two active boys, it's not easy!

The rides were so fun, especially the bus on the carousel.

We also had a picnic and Sterling got to nap in the stroller

While Sterling was napping, Hudson and I got adventurous and went on the fastest ride there (it was actually really fast - there was a 9 year old near us crying), and Hudson loved it! We also went on a swing. As we were moving, I didn't get the best pics, but they are still a good memory!

The dragon ride!

Then we went back to the little carousel which was Hudson's very favorite! We'll definitely go back next year. I think Sterling will have more fun too!

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