Wednesday, February 15, 2012

big shoes

So our home reveal didn't unfold as we had planned. The full time job got in the way a bit, and then we all had a little food poisoning this past weekend that took the wind out of our sails. Not the easiest start to 2012. But then there are moments like these...


...when your son decides to wear his daddy's shoes....

And you just happen to have the camera out to capture it. It's worth it. The first comment the midwife had when she delivered Hudson was 'big feet!'. This little guy (or now not so little guy!) has a ways to go to catch up with his dad...Such a cutie. He's talking a lot more - he will tell you what a dog, a cow, a sheep, a kitty cat and a chicken say. He also now drinks through a straw.

Taking time to be thankful for the little things helps keep things in perspective and give a sense of contentedness. So no promises, but we'll do our best to start revealing the remainder of the apartment in the coming weeks. We appreciate you being patient with us!

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