Monday, January 2, 2012

Hudson's Room

We start the week off with today's reveal....Hudson's room! He is pretty comfy in his new digs! A little trip down memory lane... Carpet
...that we removed to reveal - a plywood subfloor

 ...that we removed to reveal a pine plank subfloor...

 that we painted...
And finally the reveal...The light is a $10 special from Ikea. The shades are from Home Depot (I lined them with an Ikea blackout shade a couple months ago. It fits and it gets the job done!). The walls are eggshell finish (so they are cleanable :)) in Behr paint color 790E-2 Gentle Rain. We painted the doors 780F-7 Stealth Jet in a semigloss finish. Dark doors wsn't something that I thought of, until I saw them at the 12 foot house. They really pop and hide a lot more dirt than white doors. It's also a nice contrast. The contractor actually used all Benjamin Moore paint mixed to match the colors we chose. The trim is all Benjamin Moore Ultra White.
We hung one of Hudson's favorite prints (by our friend Aaron Meshon) at the entry. Hudson loves to point to the doggie (BOW-WOW!) and the dots that say 'Let's Go Downtown.' I love the corner guard detail at the closet - A nice original detail to the house. This is also the only room without a picture rail detail, but I think not having this detail helps the room feel a little larger.
 We left the brick wall in his room white, which makes the room feel larger - the other walls are the grey.
 Yes, that is Godzilla at the top of the bookshelf (thanks, Dave!) We took the hollow-core door off the closet and added the curtain we used at the old apartment to delineate Hudson's "room."

 Such a happy boy!
 Cribs are tasty when you are teething...
The prints below were from 20x200 that hung above his crib at our old apartment. He now points to them and says - bah! He wants to get them down and read them!
So we returned some extra kitchen pieces and *finally* got Hudson his own Ikea Billy bookcase. He really loves it! The baskets are made from old newspaper that we found a couple years ago at the container store. I think we'll probably get another unit in the future at some point.
And one last surprise as you leave the room! An old Yee-Haw print that we re-framed in white. The door we will eventually replace with a 5-panel wood one - once we save up our pennies! For now, the plain hollow core one works! It's nice for Hudson to have a room - with a door!

This week we found a CD player on the street (Hudson can play his new music CDs) and some shelves for the wall opposite the brick wall. Gotta love the recycling that can happen in this neighborhood! We'll follow up on those details later...

Stay tuned tomorrow for an update on our room!

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